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What you Should Know about Bottle Service

If you are new to reserving a bottle for the table at a club, you may find the process a bit intimidating. However, even if bottle service is exclusive to VIP’s, it is quite straightforward to reserve them. Before assembling your troop for the club, here’s what you should know about bottle service.

How Bottle Service Works

Bottle service is purchasing a full bottle of liquor or Champagne at a drinking establishment like a bar or club. Generally, the bottle’s price includes the basic mixers such as limes, cranberry juice, and soda as well as a table. If you want bottled water or energy drinks, you need to pay extra. Bottle service girls bring out the bottles and help customers drink, pour shots, refill the mixers, and take away empty glasses. In every table booking, there is a minimum amount to spend on alcohol which does not include taxes and tips. This amount varies according to some factors such as holidays, life performer talent, the day of the week, table location, and the number of people you go with. If you want a $1000 table; however, the $1000 minimum may only come with four comps. Thus, you will need to increase your minimum to add more people. There are many reasons people avail of bottle services. These include speedy entry, comfortable accommodation and comp’ed entry.

Bottle Service Cost

The cost of VIP bottle service varies by establishments and depending on how much you wish to splurge. If everyone in the group wants to contribute, bottle service can make a lot of financial sense. With some planning and foresight, you can spend money on booking a table. Expect another 20% in gratuity and state tax to be added to the total price. If your group is composed of many girls, expect the price per guy to significantly increase. But, with big groups of guys and girls, think about having the guys getting in on a table and the girls using presale tickets or guest list. This will help you keep the minimums lower.

Getting Bottle Service

Often, establishments that offer bottle service outline prices and the people to talk to on their website. However, the club may still have bottle service even if they don’t list it. Check with a third-party application or negotiate with the establishment yourself. When you talk with an exclusive club, make sure you book early and are informed about what you are getting into.

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