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Effective tips to forget an Ex

Its smell still floats on the sheets, here one of his abandoned shower gels proudly standing on the shelf of the bathroom, and there, this pot of pesto sauce that only he/she consumed challenges you in your fridge. Your “home” is as full of memories as it is empty of its presence. Only how to forget it? How to stop fixing your phone every few minutes, how to stop coming back in the desperately empty Facebook notification tab? How to relearn how to live without being loved now gone?

Cliche when you hold him

To begin, do not fall into the cliches! It is effortless to hate your ex and let your friends criticize him over a glass of wine! “But you will not regret it anyway? Remember this time he forgot your birthday or his idiotic friends who squatted your couch on match days! Oh, you win at the change!”

Above all, it is necessary to remain realistic and to take stock: yes, your relationship was not perfect, but you had a great time too. There is no point in lying to yourself, no, you do not hate him and his departure makes you suffer.

Hello Mom Bobo

And yes, you’re in pain, let’s talk about it! Accept to be sad; it’s perfectly normal, you have the right to cry (I speak mainly for you, gentlemen!). Crying, in addition, to relieving, you tired and can find a sleep sometimes left at the same time as your ex.

Memories, memories!

Always avoid these pesky clich├ęs, do not delete all your photos, you may regret it. What to do with his gifts? Be an adult, without a request from him you are entitled to keep them and do whatever you want, whether to wear this beautiful bracelet, forget it in a box or take a ride on Leboncoin. The decision is yours! Stay pragmatic, give him all his forgotten belongings to empty you both at home and in your head! Do not hesitate to make storage; rearrange your furniture is also reorganize your thoughts!

And you in the end?

But the most essential thing in all of this is you! Take time for yourself! Indulge yourself, go out, sign up for the gym, find a new girlfriend, buy some pretty things, do yourself beautiful. It’s not because a relationship stops that the world will stop. The end of something is always the beginning of another, so lift your head, breathe deeply and go for it!

Build a new life without Ex


  • You have spent months together, or years, so you find yourself alone, it’s hard.
  • To break with, someone is to lose one’s life partner. During a certain period, all your habits are turned upside down. To move forward, you have to create new ones.
  • This is a photo on an hour; you have the reflex of sending to your ex. To fight, think of those with the same sense of humor that you share with them.
  • “The most important thing is to build a new life without him.”
  • “You will soon realize that you are far from alone. This is the perfect time to let parts of yourself, which you neglected, hatch.”

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