Do Women Prefer Girth Over Length?

A mistake that too many men make is thinking that women are obsessed with long penises.

The truth is that most women aren’t all too keen on an overly long penis particularly when a man thinks that his penis will do all the work and all he needs to do is show up.

Men with smaller members are much more focused on pleasing their partner in more ways than just sex, which is why many women actually prefer an average size penis to one that is too large. Plus, there is always the option of male enhancement that can give men the extra size that they really want.

Why a Long Penis Isn’t Always First Prize

Yes, having a longer penis does have its own benefits, including deeper penetration and longer thrusts, but it also comes with a few downsides.

Here is why a longer penis isn’t always ideal:

  • A longer penis can make sex painful when it repeatedly pushes against the cervix
  • Certain positions such as doggy style can be uncomfortable and intense
  • Oral sex can be a lot more difficult
  • A longer penis does tend to make some men lazy in terms of foreplay, which can detract from a woman’s overall sexual experience

Why a Smaller Penis is Better Than You Think

A man who has an average or even a below-average size penis is always more determined to please his partner by putting an emphasis on foreplay, angle, technique and positioning. This means that most men with a smaller penis actually end up being the men who are talked about most by women.

Plus, there is always the option of scheduling an appointment at a penis enlargement clinic in Sydney to safely and effectively enhance the size of your penis, which can make your sexual encounters even more pleasurable.

Here are a few of the reasons why a smaller penis isn’t always a bad thing:

  • Most of the vagina’s nerves are located around the opening and a small penis is really able to stimulate these while rubbing against the clitoris
  • Women are more keen to engage in anal sex with a smaller penis
  • Sex toys are a welcome addition to the experience
  • Sex tends to last longer because women are more keen on oral and anal sex along with vaginal sex

Yes, sometimes having a smaller penis can make sex awkward in certain instances and being able to maintain a good rhythm can be more challenging but if you’re managing to please your partner, that’s all that matters. Having a penis with more girth is one way to do just that.

Women and Girth

Countless studies and surveys have revealed that women would prefer to have sex with a man that has more girth than length for a number of different reasons but mainly because a thicker penis is able to hit all the right nerves inside and around the vagina.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the vagina is shallower than you think so a longer penis doesn’t always equate to a better sexual experience for a woman.

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