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Behaving With Strippers: What Every Gentleman Needs To Know!

If you have never been to a strip club, it is an absolute must to know the etiquettes. There’s a reason why strip clubs are also called gentlemen’s clubs. These are places where you will find topless or even fully nude women, and for company, there are the best drinks, buffets and additional food menu. Of course, the whole concept can be tempting, and many men do get carried away by the flashy lights and beautiful women around. However, how you behave with strippers is important, and in this post, we are discussing the same, so that you can enjoy the Bay Area’s best adult entertainment better.

Find the right place

Not all strip clubs have topless and fully nude women, so if that’s what you are looking for, check in advance. The good thing is most strip clubs have their websites these days, so you can always find more on the services, food menu, bar offers, special events and happy hours. You can even check the general information about their entertainers. For the best experience, always select a good and known strip club, which has a mix of everything. The top places also have the best-looking strippers, and that’s a bonus.

The basic dos and don’ts

First and foremost, remember that strippers are not escorts, at least not everyone. Yes, strippers may double up as that after work, but strip club is not the place to ask. As a general rule of thumb, you can always see a stripper, but do not touch. If you are interested in a lap dance, you should know touching is not allowed even then or in private rooms. Norms can vary, but do NOT ask strippers for a date, or for sex. Treat them as professionals, and while they may come close and give a brush of their beauty, you are not allowed to do the same.

Ask all things in advance

Lap dances, private room entertainment and special events may require additional charges beyond the cover fee, so ask for that. Also, when you talk to a stripper, it is never a good idea to ask for their name or number, and even if you do, don’t expect the truth. Most strippers use pseudo names, and there’s a reason for that. It is also important to use simple and respectful words, and don’t try to kiss or lick them, even when they are really close.

Most important, have fun and do ask for a lap dance!

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